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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Display Wheel Racks

Every wheel sale starts with a coustomer impression.

We want to help you create the best impression possible with our wheel displays.

We have Lhe most complete line of cube displays available.

These displays are made of sturdy 3/4" square tubing and then powder coated for long lasting strength and beauty.

All displays are precisely manufactured to our specifications to ensure high quality and easy assembly.

Each kit is packaged in a UPS shippable container which includes everything necessary to assemble your display.

Pictured below are 9 basic configurations which satisfy most display needs.

On the following two pages we have listed individual replacement parts, custom rack configurations and other display accessories.



8 Wheel base
Bulk Description
999906 13"-17" Wheels
999806 13"-22" Wheels
8 Wheel Add On
Bulk Description
999907 13"-17" Wheels
999807 13"-22" Wheels
6 Wheel Base
Bulk Description
999912 13"-17" Wheels
999812 13"-22" Wheels
6 Wheel Add On
Bulk Description
999909 13"-17" Wheels
999809 13"-12" Wheels
4 Wheel Base
Bulk Description
999911 13"-17" Wheels
999811 13"-22" Wheels
4 Wheel Add On
Bulk Description
999908 13"-17" Wheels
999808 13"-12" Wheels


12 Wheel Set W/Locking Devices
Part# Description
999916 Complete Set
18 Wheel Set W/Locking Devices
Part# Description
999917 Complete Set
24 Wheel Set W/Locking Devices
Part# Description
999918 Complete Set

Wheel Display Related Parts

Our wheel display racks are attrative, space saving, easy ti assenble and above all they are flexible to meet all your wheel display needs.

All display configurations ard made by starting with a base unit 999906, 999912 or 999911 and connecting an Add On unit(s) 999907, 999909 or 999908 to make the configuration which best suits your need.

You can see by the drawing to the right, which just happens to be an exploded view of iur most popular racks 999906 and 999907, just how simple our system is.

Each rack is made by starting with a bottom unit 970040 or 970041 adding legs 970046, top unit 970044 or 970045 and middle unit(s) 970042 or 970043 to make up the configuration you require.

Note on middle units are required to make 4 wheel racks.

Below is a complete listing of all the parts necessary to make any of our standard or custom configurations which you maycreate youself.

Or give our Customer Service department a call at (800) 292-5511, we will ce happy to answer any questions you may have or help you create a custom configuration that fits your wheel display needs.

Base Display Bottom
Part# Description
970040 Bulk
Add On Display Bottom
Part# Description
970041 Bulk
Base Display Middle
Part# Description
970042 Bulk
Add On Display Middle
Part# Description
970043 Bulk
Base Diplay Top
Part# Description
970044 Bulk
Add On Display Top
Part# Description
970045 Bulk
Bridge Diplay Top
Part# Description
970038 Bulk
Legs, End Cap & Levelor
Item Part# Description
A 970046 Lug
B 970047 Leveler Insert
C 970048 End Cap
D 970055 Leveler